About the portal

The CEF Line Ministries Portal is an online community space which supports knowledge and experience exchange in public financial management (PFM) among officials working at ministries of finance and line ministries in South East Europe.

What does the portal offer?

The CEF Line Ministries Portal opens doors for officials to learn from their peers, and access the latest information, learning resources and learning opportunities relevant to carrying out PFM reforms in their institution and country.

Visitors can join an online community of experts working across different government institutions and sectors who are interested in strengthening their capacities in PFM. It is an online space for sharing experience, case studies, good practices and other information with peers in the region. Through participation in the portal visitors can engage with relevant international partners and networks, and exchange ideas through online communication and collaboration.

Opinions of experts published on the portal do not necessarily reflect the view of the Center of Excellence in Finance or the governments of countries they represent.

Why this portal?

Recognizing finance ministries’ coordinating role, the success in establishing sound PFM systems depends on their successful collaboration (partnership) with line ministries. Due to insufficient attention devoted to this relationship in the past, the CEF Line Ministries Portal aims at supporting collaborative learning among line ministries and ministries of finance.

Who supports its development?

The CEF Line Ministries Portal is implemented by Center of Excellence in Finance (CEF). It was developed and implemented under the Strengthening Financial Management Functions of Line Ministries project, funded by the World Bank’s SAFE Trust Fund (established by the EU and SECO). In the period from 2019-2021 it is funded by European Union through the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance.

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